Embrace Change

Kim-photo-150x200Change is usually a scary thing. We all get comfortable with having things the way they are, so we often resist change even when it is truly for the best. I'm no exception to this. As a highly sensitive person, I crave the comfort and stability of having stable situations in my life -- as well as stable routines -- that I can count on. However, I guess part of my life journey is to learn to "get over it," because my life is anything but stable! As much as I try to make it that way, there's always something new that demands my attention and takes me in very different directions than anticipated. Personally, I'm now going through a major transition (a relocation, which is toward the top of the official list of life's most stressful events). Sure, I've moved many, many times in my life, but this move is different: It involves not only moving my personal household, but moving a business and an animal rescue/refuge as well. Therefore, this change involves not only myself but many others, which multiplies the stress manyfold. Trying to juggle it all, and worrying constantly about other people (and animals, too), is truly overwhelming. So I tried very hard to resist this change, not wanting to put any more on my plate (or anyone else's) than was already there. Heck, I'm well into adulthood, and I thought my life would be far more settled by now! But I guess that's life. The truth is, this change is for the best, in the larger scheme of things, even though it's extremely difficult (on many levels) in the here and now. So, ultimately, I had to weigh the pros and cons, and the change won. However, on an emotional level, I was still resisting, which manifested as insomnia, palpitations, a lump in my throat, knots in my stomach, poor digestion, and tight, constricted muscles. Finally, it occurred to me that this resistance to change wasn't doing me or anyone any good. The change is coming, ready or not, so I might as well get ready -- on ALL levels, including emotionally. This means taking a deep breath, trusting that all is as it should be, and moving forward, changes and all. So, as Healthy Chicks®, let's all remind ourselves that life is filled with changes. The only thing we can totally control is our outlook. Will we tighten up and constrict ourselves, grimacing and regretting what's coming? Well, that's really not good for our health. A better choice would be to change our attitudes about change, look for the blessings and opportunities, smile, and be grateful that we're alive and about to have a whole new experience in this grand adventure called life!  🙂 -KS