For all those who have asked, “What is your secret to looking decades younger?” the answer is simple: the Healthy Chick® Nutrition Program and Healthy Chick® skincare products! Our founder began making her own natural, food-based skincare products in her early teens. However, it wasn’t until years later that she realized the damage she was still doing to her skin due to a combination of too many sunburns on her fair skin, and too much squinting because she didn’t want to wear glasses! So, from an early age, she had a lot of damage to un-do. After many years of extensive research and experimentation (on herself, but never on animals!) she learned volumes about anti-aging skincare and now offers her favorite skincare products to Healthy Chicks® everywhere!
The Healthy Chick® skincare line brings together some of nature’s most gently cleansing and effectively moisturizing ingredients. The formulas are replete with naturally mild astringents, antiseptics, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and antimicrobials. These age-defying products not only slow the effects of age and environmental damage, but the antioxidants help heal damage already caused. Begin the 3-step skincare system, and your skin will visibly thank you!

Step 1:  Gently cleanse with Healthy Chick® Healthy Skin Cleanser – Deep cleans and nourishes all skin types!

Step 2:  Apply Healthy Chick® Healthy Skin Cleansing Toner – Further cleanses, balances pH, and normalizes all skin types!

Step 3:  Spritz with Healthy Chick® Healthy Skin Hydrator – Nourishes and adds moisture but not oil. Great for all skin types!

Optional:  Treat skin with special treatments as needed, such as our Sun Protective Moisturizer. For the rest of the body, there’s also Body Wash, Shaving Gel, and Body Lotion. Many more products coming soon!

Download informational papers by clicking on the product:

Step 1:  Healthy Chick® Healthy Skin Cleanser

Step 2:  Healthy Chick® Healthy Skin Cleansing Toner

Step 3:  Healthy Chick® Healthy Skin Hydrator

All Healthy Chick® product ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic or better!