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What is a Healthy Chick®?

A Healthy Chick® is a female who walks the path of empowerment on all levels – body, mind, and spirit. She looks out for others, but she doesn’t forget to take care of herself, too. She makes positive choices for herself – and makes sure those choices are positive for the world at large. She strives to eat a healthy diet – one that is good for herself, the Earth, and all living beings. She gets proper exercise, rest, and self care. And if she neglects to do these things, she doesn’t beat herself up. She simply vows to do better tomorrow, and to always move in the right direction. A Healthy Chick® sees herself as being neither “too young” nor “too old.” She realizes she’s perfect right where she is in life, whether early in the journey or much further down the path. A Healthy Chick® knows how to smile, inside and out – and she knows how to make others smile as well. In fact, she makes you feel good just being around her! Being a Healthy Chick® isn’t merely a goal or a destination – it’s an ongoing journey. Come join us on this journey!

Healthy Chicks

“Healthy Chicks® are like flowers: We come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors . . . and we’re all perfect just the way we are!”
– Words of Wisdom from our Founder, Kim Sheridan, Naturopath & Healthy Chick®

Our Mission

Healthy Chick® was founded by a Naturopath, author/creator of the Healthy Chick® books, DVDs, film, products, and lifestyle program. This is a project she has been working on since her early teens (which was a long time ago), and she is now enthusiastically presenting it to aspiring Healthy Chicks® everywhere!

Healthy Chick® is committed to positive values and ethical practices that contribute to individual health and well-being and that also promote a better world. Our products are cruelty-free (vegan) and are not tested on animals. Furthermore, our products do not contain genetically modified ingredients (ingredients that contain GMOs). We go out of our way to operate with the utmost respect for human rights, animal rights, and the environment. Such practices are, unfortunately, becoming more and more rare in today’s marketplace and world. Nevertheless, our commitment to environmental sustainability and compassion for all will remain steadfast. The quality of our products reflects our vision of a healthy world full of aware and self-confident people.

A Healthy Chick® counterpart for men is also available! Healthy Hunk™ offers resources for the guy in your life to nourish his body and mind. A portion of the Healthy Chick® proceeds fund breast cancer prevention and education, while Healthy Hunk™ proceeds fund projects that support a more just world. The balance of the proceeds supply fair wages for the staff.

COMING SOON: A gender-neutral sibling company of Healthy Chick®. Please check back or join the email list to stay informed!

Ingredients & Packaging

Healthy Chick® uses the absolute purest ingredients we can obtain. Our ingredients are ORGANIC, wildcrafted, and/or sustainably harvested; whatever is best in each case. Our founder is gluten-intolerant, so she also takes great care to source only gluten-free ingredients. And our ingredients are always vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. We want to give you the best the Earth has to offer, and we want to thank the Earth in kind by protecting her and all of her inhabitants!

Healthy Chick® products are bottled in glass rather than petroleum-based plastics. You may take comfort in the fact that you will not be applying a product to your skin or hair from a bottle leaching petro-chemicals. As with our ingredients, we do our best to avoid toxicity and potential health hazards in our packaging. We feel strongly that the extra effort and expense is worth it.

We also do our best to pack and ship our products in packing material previously used. It is our goal to reduce the amount of new materials involved in the shipping process, reuse all that we can, and recycle anything that cannot be reused. When we must buy new, we do so with the post-consumer recycled waste percentage as a top priority. We strongly encourage you to reuse what we send and recycle what cannot be salvaged! It all adds up, and it all makes a difference.

Eco-Friendly, Gluten Free, Vegan


The Healthy Chick® nutritional line offers complete nutrition for your body, mind, and spirit! Our superfood blends are dried at a low temperature to retain the life force, enzymes, and other heat-sensitive elements. These plant-based, vegan formulas promote detoxification, provide vitamins and minerals not commonly found in the modern diet, support your immune system and organ systems, and much more.* You will find no fillers, synthetic ingredients, or pesticides in our nutrient-rich products.

Our Healthy Chick® fitness program offers a fun, exciting way to optimize your body’s potential. Check out one of our workout videos, or take your yoga practice to the next level with the Healthy Chick® natural rubber yoga mat. Feel the difference!

Healthy Chick® haircare and skincare products are all-natural, gentle, pH balanced formulas that cleanse without detergents or other harmful ingredients, and provide precious moisture and nutrients to keep skin well-hydrated.

All Healthy Chick® formulas contain the Healthy Chick Flower Essence Blend™ – a formula that energetically supports the Divine Feminine and a positive body self-image. The Healthy Chick® Lifestyle offers a well-rounded approach to the optimal you! Combine the above with sleep, fresh air, and meditation, and reconnect with the most youthful you!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Introducing the Healthy Chick® Breast Cancer Fund

We at Healthy Chick® recognize breast cancer for what it is – the leading cause of death among women ages 35 to 50 in the United States. The devastation this cancer causes women, their families, and friends weighs heavily on our hearts. That weight is lightened, however, by the self-empowerment we’ve seen with education and the joy we’ve experienced when a loved one has come through their illness and thrived. Personal experience has shown us what a plague cancer is on society, but we’ve also seen those close to us take control of their lives and their disease (dis-ease)…and win!

We pride ourselves in being a socially responsible company, forming lasting relationships with our female clients. As we promote health and well being, it is a matter of course that we also address breast cancer through education and preventive measures. Many cancers are directly linked to physiological and environmental stressors – not to mention psychological stress – and we can change these realities in our lives!

The Healthy Chick® lifestyle naturally increases the protective factors that avoid and fight cancer.  Our nutrition and fitness programs combat carcinogens by keeping excess weight off and promoting a plant-based diet. Healthy Chick® hair and skin care products protect consumers from the harmful additives and pesticides often found in other body care products and known to be environmental stressors contributing to tumor growth. Further, our products are bottled in glass rather than petroleum-based plastics. This keeps chemicals out of the air and our consumers’ bodies. Equally important, our Self Care program emphasizes a mind and body approach to self-empowerment and centeredness that alleviates physiological and psychological stress.

Our founder is a Naturopath, and she formulates products of the finest quality – some of which, in addition to their intended benefits, fight carcinogens. That is to say, we are dedicated and capable of joining forces with you and the other Warrior Chicks™ out there to alleviate suffering from breast cancer.

To this end we are launching a breast cancer fund. A portion of our proceeds will go towards education and prevention of breast cancer. We support The Cancer Project and their parent organization, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). This organization is not only making great strides in the battle against cancer but is leading the way in the abolition of the cruel and unnecessary practice of animal testing.

Healthy Chick® is committed to positive values and ethical practices that promote a better world. Accordingly, we are strongly opposed to animal testing. Our world is in need of more compassion, not more pain, for both humans and animals. There are humane research methods available for those doing cancer research, and we strongly encourage those testing products or cancer treatments to seek alternative methods.

We believe things like animal testing weigh so heavily on our collective consciousness as humans that they contribute to the existence of illness in the first place. As a world community, we need to work towards a day when cancer is not developing in our bodies rather than attempting to cure it once it has already taken hold.  This, in addition to lessening the environmental risk factors for cancer, is something we must embark upon together.