Founder Kim Sheridan

Healthy Chick® was founded by a Naturopath and creator of the Healthy Chick® products and lifestyle program. This is a project she has been working on since her early teens (which was a long, long time ago), and she is now enthusiastically presenting it to aspiring Healthy Chicks® everywhere!

Healthy Chick® is committed to positive values and ethical practices that contribute to individual health and well being and that also promote a better world. Our products are cruelty-free (vegan) and are not tested on animals. Furthermore, our products do not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMO's). We go out of our way to operate with the utmost respect for human rights, animal rights, and the environment. Such practices are, unfortunately, becoming more and more rare in today's marketplace and world. Nevertheless, our commitment to environmental sustainability and compassion for all will remain steadfast. The quality of our products reflects our vision of a healthy world full of aware and self-confident people. To read more about our standards of excellence and steps to avoid harmful and wasteful packaging, please visit the "Ingredients & Packaging" page of this web site.

Kim's awesome assistant, Ashley Bass

A Healthy Chick® counterpart for men is also available! Healthy Hunk™ offers resources for the guy in your life to nourish his body and mind. A portion of the Healthy Chick® and Healthy Hunk™ proceeds fund projects that support a more just world. The balance of the proceeds supply fair wages for the staff.