Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

Okay, fellow Healthy Chicks®, let's face it: We often put far more on our plates than we can handle. I don't just mean food -- although that's another whole conversation in itself -- in this case, I mean "TO DO's." Many of us try to be "wonder women," taking care of everyone's needs, and we forget to take care of ourselves. Worse yet, we get busy and don't live up to a commitment we've made, and then, instead of realizing it's because we're trying to do too much, we beat ourselves up about it. I'm guilty of this myself -- but working on it! Case in point: I made a commitment last week to turn this from an "every now and then" blog to a "Daily Tips for Healthy Chicks®" blog. So, no matter how busy I was each day, I was sure to post the day's tip. Well, for the past couple of days, I was literally so busy that I scarcely had time to eat or sleep, let alone blog. So, today I spent a little too much time beating myself up for skipping two days of a so-called "daily" blog. Please forgive me! I'll stop beating myself up if you'll stop beating yourself up for similar things. It's just not good for our health! Deal? Deal!  🙂 -KS